aFFILIATE program
If like us, you believe in a world where everyone supports, respects and loves each other. A world where we can be proud our differences and where we all promote Peace, Love, Unity & Respect, then our affiliates program is the place to be!
- Benefits & Requirements -
Benefits of being a kandies world aFFILIATE
✔︎ Get a personalized 10% coupon code to share with your followers, earn dollars for each sale made with your coupon code.
✔︎ Get EMPLOYEE PRICING (50% Discount) on all products for yourself (500 first AFFILIATES)
✔︎ Special giveaways.
✔︎ Access to pre-launch of new models.
✔︎ Be featured on our Instagram platform.
Requirements to become an AFFILIATE
✔︎✔︎  You must have a Kandies World account
✔︎  Your Instagram account must be public
✔︎  You need to be active on social media

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