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Our Vision

To us, Kandi is a way of expressing the age-old rave ideology of peace, love, unity and respect. By wearing Kandi, you show your belief in these values and you show the world that you belong to our welcoming and accepting community. Wear kandi, make it your mission to spread PLUR and join the kandi fam instantly. We are so excited to discover the unique and awesome person that you are.

At Kandies World, creativity never goes out of style. We started as a small company whose mission was to bring to the forefront our values of PLUR as a way of life. Peace Love Unity and Respect are values not only for the dance floor, but for our everyday lives. This journey began with our online site and wide assortment of unique beads so that everyone would be able to make kandi totally for their own style and personality. To us, wearing a unique piece of Kandi is a way of showing that you are part of the positive, kind and accepting culture that is the rave community. Today, the creativity that we have released into this world has allowed us to develop several concepts that we bring to life in our festival merch booths and that allow us to interact with members of our rave community in a positive and uplifting way. The heart of Kandies World beats to the rhythm of PLUR and always will!

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