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EVENT REVIEW – Forbidden Kingdom 2020

Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival took place on Saturday, February 15, 2020, through Sunday, February 16, 2020. Sunset Cove in Boca Raton, Florida, welcomed some of the biggest bass heavyweights in the industry along with thousands of enthusiastic headbangers. The Kandies World team had the opportunity to be part of the highly anticipated sophomore edition. We absolutely can’t wait to share what went down – so, let’s get to it!


Following last year’s successful inaugural edition, the hardworking organizers were ready to take things up a notch! They curated a lineup that was practically double in size compared to the first edition and managed to book some of the greatest bass DJs of our time. When we first caught wind of the billed artists, we couldn’t contain our excitement and shared in the festival’s followers undeniable appreciation!

Standout performances included Excision’s acclaimed Detox Set which continued to meet the promise to push creative boundaries and step away from the standard high energy vibe that he’s known to deliver. In addition, SVDDEN DEATH surprised fans by unleashing a bass house-heavy set, resulting in an unexpected twist to the norm! Furthermore, Spag Heddy impressed by playing most of the tracks from his hit Armageddy EP.

There’s no question that every artist brought something to the table that was specific to their DJ personas; however, REZZ’s mesmerizing visual effects alongside her distinct sound are always a crowd favorite! We certainly needed a neck brace after witnessing performances by the rest of the equally talented producers, including legends like 12th Planet, Sullivan King, Ganja White Night, Bear Grillz, Liquid Stranger and that’s just to name a few!

Despite the overflow of talent within the lineup, there was one artist that truly stole our heart over the weekend, Al Ross. Unfortunately, Bommer was no longer able to attend the festival. Although some fans were disappointed the duo wouldn’t be going back to back, Al Ross stepped up to unleash a killer solo set!

We even had the opportunity to catch up with the producer for a chat. To say that he was down to earth would be putting it lightly. We discovered his love of kandi – so much so, he was wearing some traded by his fans while performing. He also shared his admiration for our company and what we do for the dance music community. He expressed his hopes to see us at more events in the future. It was an interaction we’ll never forget!


It was our first time taking part in the event during the sophomore edition of the festival. Honestly, we didn’t quite know what to expect – we went in with an open mind, as we always do. From the moment we walked in, we were completely taken back by the jaw-dropping attention to detail. It felt like we had taken a time machine back to medieval times – but instead of nobles, peasants and tradesmen, there were headbangers frolicking the grounds. It was a magical combination!

Every stage had something special to offer, from a visual and production perspective. However, there was one stage that stood out from the rest – it featured a massive inflatable dragon crouched on top of it! The captivating creature not only tied in the theme, but it also made for an epic backdrop for festival-goers during the weekend. We took some time to snap some photos of fellow ravers posing in front of the dragon – check ’em out below! As the event progressed, we were astonished to see that the dragon’s eyes and mouth lit up, and it also breathed smoke!

This truly fascinating stage design really added to the overall feel of the event! It instantly got everyone hyped to discover what else the festival had to offer. With the excitement flowing through the air, we continued to explore the grounds. We came across some seriously amazing costumes, many with intricate perlers and kandi cuffs. Like many bass festivals, pashminas were everywhere! There was even a vendor that was selling them




Speaking of vendors, there was a really good assortment of food. No matter your dietary restrictions or food allergies, there was always something to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. Furthermore, due to the food vendors’ professionalism and efficiency, the wait times were very reasonable.

Forbidden Kingdom has its own line of merchandise. As such, they had two separate booths on the grounds. These products were in high demand. As a result, festival-goers waited in long lines in order to get their desired item. We caught a glimpse of the merch – trust us when we say, it would have been worth the wait!

We were delighted to see that beautiful art pieces were made available for purchase, including paintings of the dragon we mentioned above. Multiple live paintings took place over the course of the weekend – it was a real treat to see other artistry in action. We want to take this moment to remind you of the importance of supporting local artists – every little bit counts!

Our Kandies World team worked tirelessly over the two-day event. We had multiple sponsored activities, including a glitter, kandi and body marbling station. Although our glitter and kandi stations were well-received, the body marbling truly stole the show! If you’re unfamiliar with the activity, we look forward to showing you in person one day… As a sneak peek, you can check out some photos below.

We witnessed some beautiful kandi trades throughout the weekend. It’s always a pleasure seeing how your creations bring so much happiness to those you share them with. It’s one of the driving factors that keep us doing what we love. For every one that we met over the weekend, we want to thank you for your contagious positivity and energy, and ultimately, for making our first Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival one to remember. We love you, Kandi fam!


There were so many moments during the festival that will live on in our hearts for years to come. Whether it was the impeccable performances, special kandi trades, jaw-dropping production, etc., every single occurrence played a huge part in our overall experience. We are very thankful to have gotten this opportunity and want to thank the organizers for everything they did to make it happen.

What impressed us the most is the fact that this was only the second edition of the festival! Every year gets bigger and better. This year’s edition is scheduled to take place from June 11-12, 2021. We have no doubts it’ll be even more magical than the last. Until then, we would love to see the festival’s following continue to grow.

Love always,

Kandies Word

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