[Year in Review] 2020: The Power Of Music

Written By: Brittany Provost

We’ve officially sent off one of the most hellacious years to date! While many of you have started to focus on your goals and aspirations for this year, our Kandies World team couldn’t help but look back on everything 2020 presented. Despite the overflow of troublesome occurrences that arose last year, there was also an abundance of blissful moments.

In an effort to continue to spread the PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity and Respect) principles, AKA the heart and soul of our company’s values, our team has taken some time to reflect on some of the highlights of 2020. During our analysis, we couldn’t help but be left speechless! We discovered the true saviour of last year was none other than music.

Looking back, it seems so clear to us! Despite every shocking, inconvenient and occasionally problematic moment that took place, music was always there to lift our spirits and offer us an escape from reality. That said, the following article is an ode to the power of music. Although many things are still uncertain about 2021, one thing is for sure, melodies will always be there to help us through difficult times. Never doubt its influence!


Although live events seem to be a memory from the very distant past, we are blessed to have attended a few prior to the novel coronavirus pandemic. Looking back, we made so many incredible memories during the Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival, Groove Cruise and the Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival – we absolutely could not feel more fortunate!

Be sure to keep it locked to our website as we’ll be rolling out a few of our exclusive event reviews shortly. We touch on some of the best performances and entertainment, the unique stages, the overall atmosphere and much more. We can’t wait to relive these events with you all! In the meantime, send us your photos and videos for a chance to be featured on our pages.

Reflecting on these experiences, we have nothing but gratitude for the hardworking organizers and our Kandies fam. Without each and every one of you, these moments would not be possible. During these difficult times, we want you to know that you are all in our thoughts. We encourage you to take a trip down memory lane to relive these treasured moments that music leads us all to…


Without a doubt in our minds, live streams were one of the best things that happened in 2020! The pandemic has brought so much uncertainty and melancholy. It wasn’t long after the new rules and restrictions were implemented that many event promotion companies took the opportunity to spread PLUR around the globe!

Pasqual Rotella and his Insomniac crew were one of the first to pursue this new virtual venture. Ever since the first live stream took place, digital participants have been treated to hundreds of impeccable performances. A star-studded list of producers took the stage, including Tchami, Cosmic Gate, Kaskade, Dr. Fresch, Markus Schulz, Mark Knight, Vintage Culture, Jason Ross, and that’s just to name a few!

They certainly set the bar high for other event promotion companies! Brownies & Lemonade and Proximity also come to mind as they delivered two of the biggest online music-festival-meets-live-stream virtual events last year. Alison Wonderland, A-Track, Zhu b2b NGHTMRE, Louis The Child, Tchami b2b Dr. Fresch and Chet Porter’s historic underwater DJ set were some of the standout performances for us.

Other world-renowned companies such as Beatport and Defected Records also delivered some exceptional live streams. Personally, we haven’t stopped listening to Idris Elba’s killer live DJ set – you can check it out here! Beatport’s 24-hour live stream was extended to 33 hours, reinforcing their aptly named virtual event allowing us all to ReConnect. Relive the magic here.

In the realm of top-tier dance music festivals, Tomorrowland is always at the top of a raver’s list! It comes as no surprise that in a virtual setting the willingness to attend is no exception to that fact. Back in July, their team delivered Tomorrowland Around the World, a two-day digital festival, with 8 stages and over 60 artists. More than 1 million people tuned in and celebrated together. They also sent off the year with Tomorrowland 31.12.20 – a jaw-dropping spectacle, including 4 stages and world-class DJs.

Although these companies produced some groundbreaking and entertaining streams, we have to give our props to artists as well. Talented producers such as REZZMarshmallow, Dash Berlin, Porter Robinson, David Guetta, Diplo, Excision, and many more, unleashed their creativity and expert skills to deliver unique streams from their homes to yours. Their passion and sheer dedication undeniably shined through!

Looking back on streams alone, 2020 was one of the greatest times for our dance music community. Despite whatever was going on in the world, we were able to stay connected, help raise money for charitable causes, and ultimately, be blessed by what unites us all: music. We are so proud to be part of such a beautiful family. We believe we’re stronger now more than ever!


On days where we were left feeling unmotivated, we quickly turned to music to lift our spirits! It immediately triggered our productivity and inspired us to work harder than we ever have. As a result, we were able to tackle some important projects. The “life pause” was a great motivator too!

With good beats flowing through the air, we started to focus on the plans we wanted to achieve. Last year, we officially launched our brand-new website alongside our colorful new branding, including hundreds of new products, a “Blog” and “Contests” section, and more!

Now, more so than ever, we strive to build content with our Kandies fam. There are so many talented individuals in our community and we believe it’s essential to show off everyone’s skills! Last year, we started to roll out this content and we aspire you’ll help us keep this up for years to come.

One of our ultimate goals also came to life in 2020. For some time now, we’ve wanted to show our support for charitable causes. Some of you may have noticed the “Charity” section of our website. Soon enough, you’ll be able to purchase and make kandi creations with beads in direct support of causes that matter most to you. Stay tuned as we’ll be making a special announcement about this soon!

Despite not tackling all the projects we had hoped for last year, it doesn’t stop us from feeling satisfied with what we did manage to accomplish. Music guided us to new opportunities and allowed us to stay connected to all of you. We look forward to seeing what 2021 will bring. Until then, never stop blasting tunes that make your heart happy. Music is powerful…