Dear Kandies fam,

Welcome to the brand-new ‘Blog’ section of our revamped website! As you can imagine, this year forced us to take a step back from the festival life due to the ongoing pandemic we’re all currently experiencing. As such, this unprecedented occurrence encouraged us to reimagine our online presence and how we wanted to positively impact social changes. After several months of consideration and thorough research, we’re thrilled to announce we’ve come up with a vast variety of ways that we’d like to bring these ideas to life!

Firstly, today, Friday, November 20th, 2020, marks a momentous moment for our Kandies World team and family. We’ve officially launched our brand-new website, featuring hundreds of new products, custom orders and charitable donations opportunities, blogs and exclusive contests. Speaking of contests, be sure to keep it locked to our website as we’ll be dropping our biggest one to date very soon. Trust us, you don’t want to miss this one!

Secondly, you may have noticed we’ve started to roll out our new social media strategies, including more colorful, informative and fun posts across our numerous platforms. Our community is filled with hardworking, creative and simply awesome individuals. We’ve always recognized this fact and strive to bring forth the effortless talents that each and everyone one of you holds. Even more so than before, we look forward to creating content together and showing the world why our scene is one of the greatest on the planet!

Thirdly, over the years, so many of you have made complimentary kandi bracelets at our booths across North America. You’ve shared so much love and happiness – it truly inspired us to find a way to make these precious moments even more special. That said, moving forward, you will have the opportunity to create and/or purchase custom kandi bracelets in direct support of causes that matter to you! We hope this will be an immediate reflection of our profound love for these beads and our desire to aid in the support of important causes.

On a final note, we hope our new look will give you a better glimpse into our ever-growing company. For example, some of you may not know our story. Prior to 2014, we had no previous knowledge of the world of dance music. It wasn’t until we first approached the infamous EDC Las Vegas gates that our lives were forever changed. At first, we reluctantly sported our woman’s leopard print leggings, only to discover that uniqueness is encouraged. We immediately knew these so-called ‘PLUR‘ (Peace, Love, Unity and Respect) values were something that we wanted to carry on for years to come.

As our adventure under the Electric Sky continued, we spotted partygoers rocking colorful bracelets. We felt like a bird drawn to a shiny object. Although we didn’t quite know what we were looking at, we knew we had to further investigate. That’s when we discovered kandi was meant for trading memories and there was an entire community who shares the same principles. Trust us when we say, nothing made more sense to us in our entire lives! Thus, our purpose in life was presented on that very day.

Our team of 50+ employees look forward to continuing to show you who we are as well as give you exclusive looks into our upcoming projects. We’d also like to extend our sincerest thanks to each and every one of you, including our team of talented kandi creators. We wouldn’t be here without you all and we are thrilled to welcome a bright future due to your support!

–Love always, Kandies World

Written By: Brittany Provost